New Adventures

It's been about two months now that I've established the website, and so far it's been a ton of fun sharing my work with a new audience and continuing to develop my photography skills/equipment.  I was especially happy with some really cool portraits I got of my step-father and his friend out on the frozen surface of Long Lake, in Wisconsin.  I've attached another picture from that shoot.

I was able to do that shoot with a mobile lighting setup that I have continued to expand and refine - in one awesome backpack (thanks Chrome) I can carry a tripod, light stand, umbrella, flash, camera, etc. and that allows me to do cool things with off-camera flash out in the wilds of Wisconsin, West Virginia... or Thailand.

Yes, Thailand.  I'm excited to say I'm heading there for a month in Feb/March and will be heading onto the beaches/lagoons, into the jungle mountains, and onto the rivers with my kit and a whole lot of excitement.  While there I'll be pushing my skills in an effort to create unique adventure photography compositions.  I'll be blogging it here on the website, and linking it to social media with Instagram and Facebook. I hope some of you follow along!