Ko Lanta: Part 2

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to put anything up on the blog about the trip.  After leaving Ko Lanta I have been on the go nonstop all over northern Thailand and now northern Laos.  I’ve finally had a few minutes to post up some pictures from my last few days on Ko Lanta – I’ll likely have to post most of the rest of my pictures and stories when I’m stateside. 

Sometimes Epic Yoga Portraits Happen

Imagine forty European hippies, or quasi hippies, all lined up in the sand, butts in the air pointing to the east, faces lifted toward the horizon watching the big orange sun set over the Andaman Sea from the downward dog position.  I’m in there somewhere. 

Every evening on Ko Lanta, a young South African yoga/fitness instructor and aspiring life coach leads a free yoga class.  As I’d recently injured my knee in a skiing accident in West Virginia, I decided to join a few sessions.  Yoga can do amazing things for your muscles and joints, don’t be afraid to try it. 

Jaco (pronounced YA-KU), the instructor, took about half the time to share his life philosophy and the other half to lead yoga.  He also had a phenomenal talent for remembering names – at the beginning of class he would go around and shake all thirty to forty students’ hands and then about two thirds of the way through the class he would say “Great job Lisa!  Great job Bryce!” etc. etc.  It was impressive.  His life philosophy centered on: a positive self-image, positive thinking, internalizing the aspects of the person you want to be into the sub-conscious mind, and the interconnectedness of all matter in the universe via energy flow.  It was a bit far-out, but the core of the message was simple, and different only in the delivery from other forms of personal improvement psychology that I’ve come across in the past. 

Ultimately what I liked about Jaco was that he was a positive, optimistic, self-motivated person who was providing free exercise and a constructive message to strangers and asking nothing in return.  Those are good vibes.  So naturally I offered to take some epic beach yoga portraits for him, partly to expand my portfolio, and partly to give him some material for marketing if he should decide to push forward and expand his outreach in the future.  He has some grand ambitions, and I wish him the best.  Below are the best of that shoot – down on a hidden beach that was a five minute jungle hike off of the main road on the island.  I also threw in one picture from some fire dancers on Ko Lanta. 

I wish I could write more but I’ve got to pack up my motorcycle and hit the road here in Northern Laos.  I’ve have many more stories and pictures to share from other motorbike tours and a jungle trek, those will be coming shortly.  


Sometimes epic yoga portraits just happen.

Sometimes epic yoga portraits just happen.

A long exposure and an off camera flash can freeze a subject for a moment while still capturing motion.  This guy had some real skill.