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Interview with Anywhere Apparel

Travel is a two way street: what you bring to the place and what the place brings to you...

I wanted to share a recent interview I did with a new travel apparel company out of LA/Minneapolis: Anywhere Apparel.  They have a simple, super functional, yet fashionable design that I think is going to be really successful.  The outdoor/functional fashion scene has exploded over the past five years, everyone is wearing Arc'Teryx and Patagonia, and while those looks share an active and outdoorsy vibe, it's not always the one you want to convey when traveling.  Yet the market for functional and fashionable travel apparel hasn't quite arrived yet - there are a slew of functional jeans and t-shirts aimed at NYC and SF bike commuters and skateboarders, but not as much that aims at a functional take on the Bonobos/JCrew worlds.  I'd say Anywhere Apparel is a less preppy, functional take on the low-key-yet-fashionable aspects of those two companies, and others like it.  I wish them the best.